Grad Slam

Congratulations to the 2014 Grad SLAM Winners!

  • 1st Place - Patrick Metz
  • 2nd Place - Sarah Jurick
  • 3rd Place - Benjamin Rubin

About Grad SLAM

The Grad Slam will be a competitive speaking event to showcase the impact of graduate student research.  Participating UC San Diego graduate students will compete in preliminary rounds during the week of March 31 – April 4, 2014, with a select number advancing to the final round on Wednesday, April 9, 2014.  A panel of judges will award the second and third place students $1,000 each, and the top competitor will receive $2,500!

The presentations will be three minutes long and should be designed to be accessible and understood by those outside the presenter’s field – essentially, a mini “TED talk”.  Presenters will be placed in preliminary rounds of 6-10 fellow graduate students to be judged by a small panel of academically diverse faculty and staff.  The top three presenters in each round will each receive $50 prizes, and the top presenter will move on to the final round.  All presentation rounds will be open to the campus community and the general public. 

Logistics and Other Useful Details

  • The scoring rubric is now available!  Check it out here.
  • Please show up on time!  Any late participants will be disqualified from their round and may request to be rescheduled to a later date, pending room availability.
  • Preliminary round results will be posted each evening.



  • TED Talks: Approximately 3-minute talks on “ideas worth spreading”
  • PhD Comics Two-Minute Thesis: PhD Comics challenged graduate students to explain their work in two minutes – the best have been turned into videos!
  • 3 Minute Thesis Competition Winners: Winning presentations from a multi-university thesis competition in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and the South Pacific