Fees and Expenses

Fees are subject to change without notice. Students in some majors such as MAS, Rady School of Management, and IRPS have additional costs.

California Residency

All applicants are classified as either residents or nonresidents of the state of California for tuition purposes. Adult citizens and certain categories of adult aliens may establish residence based on laws and regulations governing California residency.

A student seeking to be classified as a resident for tuition purposes, must have established residence in California more than one year immediately preceding the residence determination date for the term, and must have relinquished any previous residence.

For detailed information regarding California residence, refer to the Registrar's Office.


All students are assessed tuition each quarter.

Students who are approved for enrollment in a program of half-time study, six units or fewer, may be eligible for a reduction in tuition.

Students who are California residents with demonstrated financial need and who are enrolled in at least six units of course work may defer payment of tuition by accepting an obligation to repay it at a later date. Students interested in this provision should contact the Student Financial Services Office at least two months before the first day of each quarter.

Nonresident Supplemental Tuition

All students who are not legal residents of California are charged nonresident supplemental tuition each quarter. Students who are approved for enrollment in a program of half-time study (six units or fewer) may be eligible for a reduction. Nonresident supplemental tuition is not charged to students classified as California residents.

Student Services Fee

The student services fee is required of all graduate students regardless of the number of courses taken and must be paid quarterly at the time of registration. This fee covers the use of student service facilities, e.g., the Student Health Service, Counseling and Psychological Services, recreational athletics, and library services. This fee also provides a Student Limited Insurance Plan, providing limited insurance benefits for outpatient care in connection with care provided by Student Health Service.

Exemption from the student services fee may be granted to surviving children of certain deceased California fire fighters or police officers. Students who believe they qualify for an exemption on this basis should communicate with the Student Financial Services Office, 201 University Center, 0013, University of California , San Diego , La Jolla , CA , 92093-0013 .

Graduate Student Health Insurance Plan

The Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is a comprehensive group health plan and is mandatory for all registered graduate and professional school students. SHIP provides year-round coverage, including holiday periods and the summer for students enrolled in the plan the preceding spring quarter.

Students who enter the university with health insurance and provide proof of health insurance benefits equal to or better than those of SHIP may be granted a waiver by writing to the Director of the Student Health Center, 0039.

Student Center Fee/Recreational Facility Fee

Every student is required to pay quarterly fees to support student centers and recreational facilities and programs.

Graduate Student Activity Fee

A graduate student activity fee was established fall quarter 1988. The funds generated by this fee are used for graduate student activities, facilities, and other services. The Graduate Student Association administers these funds.