Complimentary Enrollment of Graduate Students in University Extension Courses

University Extension provides OGS with a limited number of vouchers for graduate students to enroll in complimentary University Extension courses.


  • Good standing (cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above, no more than 8 units of "U" and or "F")
  • Registered as a full-time student (12 or more units) in the quarter in which the course is to be taken.
  • Not had a complimentary extension course in the 2 quarters preceding the request.
  • Only one course can be taken with each voucher.  
  • The cost of the course must be between $45 and $270. The student must pay the balance if the course exceeds $270.
  • The following are courses not available through complimentary enrollment: food, wine, horsemanship, non-credit physical education courses, travel and tour classes.


  • Student must personally pick up a complimentary enrollment voucher at OGS during the open enrollment period. Open enrollment is usually two weeks prior to the start of the quarter (students should contact the department coordinator for specific dates).
  • The student obtains a department stamp and signatures from the department chair and graduate advisor.
  • The voucher must be returned to OGS with signatures no later than 3 days after the voucher was picked up. Once this is done the student takes the voucher to the UCSD extension office and registers for the course.