Master of Fine Arts

Completed by fulfilling departmental requirements through Plan III, Modified Thesis. The minimum residence requirement is six academic quarters for visual arts and eight academic quarters for theatre, at least one of which must follow advancement to candidacy in either program. A candidate must be registered in the quarter in which the degree is to be awarded.

Student obtains form from and coordinates submission of form with graduate coordinator.


  • Must be filed no later than two weeks after the first day of the quarter in which degree requirements are to be completed. Ideally, the student will complete at the time of registration in the last of "core" courses.

  • Only courses required for MFA program should be listed - 72 units for Visual Arts and 90 units for Theatre.

  • A candidate must have a GPA equivalent to 3.0 or above in upper division and graduate course work undertaken, with a total of no more than eight units of "F" and/or "U" grades.

  • Department must nominate a thesis committee of at least four faculty members (three from the candidate's major department and one outside) and obtain appropriate signatures.

Final Report of the Modified Thesis Examination, Plan III for the Degree of Master of Fine Arts

Student obtains from graduate coordinator.


  • Must be submitted by the last day of the quarter in which student will receive degree.

  • The final report must have original signatures of all members of the thesis committee, the department graduate advisor and department chair.

NOTE: Submit Degree and Diploma Application with Final Report. Both forms are submitted by the student with final copies of thesis.