Spring 2014 - Spring 2015 Academic Deadlines

Please note: Fully completed forms must be received in OGS by the following deadline dates. Department approval alone does not constitute meeting a deadline.

Remember, all deadlines are for required form(s) to be filed in OGS; department approval alone does not constitute meeting a deadline.

Complete list of academic deadlines can be found in the Schedule of Classes.

June 16 - September 5, 2014

Dates for a Summer 2014 Doctoral Degree or Terminal Masters.

June 15 - September 4, 2015

Dates for a Summer 2015 Doctoral Degree or Terminal Masters.

Fee Deadlines and Late Fee Waivers


The cost of missing either of these deadlines is $50. Forgetting or being too busy to meet the deadline has proven to be a costly lesson ($50 or $100) for some students. Graduate students are responsible for meeting deadlines as published in the quarterly Schedule of Classes. Late fee waivers are granted only with proof of the following: University Responsibility, Verified Illness, Verified Family Responsibility. Students who qualify for cancellation of penalty fees should inquire with their graduate coordinator.

Please note that students who have fees paid for them, but who miss the enrollment deadline will be assessed $100 in late fees.

Grade Reports and No Record

Grade reports can be obtained by accessing TritonLink. Official transcripts may be ordered anytime through the Registrar's Office.

When a grade has not been submitted for a class in which a student enrolled, the transcript will have a blank space in the place of the grade. It is the responsibility of each student to take appropriate action for clearing up any grade problems. If not cleared by the end of the following quarter, the grade of "F" or "U" will be assigned.