Office of Graduate Studies (OGS) Directories

For graduate admissions and application information, please go to the admissions web site, or email This site provides general information about graduate admissions and about the degree programs offered.

For follow-up on an application for graduate study or specific admissions requirements, contact the department directly. Information regarding the status of an application will be limited—an admissions decision will not be given by e-mail or telephone. Applicants must wait for the official letter from OGS for a decision.

For general information, email

University of California, San Diego
Office of Graduate Studies
Student Services Center (SSC) - 402 Uctr, Mail Code 0003
9500 Gilman Drive
La Jolla, CA 92093-0003 

Organization Chart


Dean's Unit

Kim BARRETT, Dean of Graduate Studies




Steve CASSEDY, Associate Dean of Graduate Studies


  • Oversight of Graduate Program Reviews
  • Analysis of new academic programs
  • Review of student Master’s degrees and non-routine matters
  • Backup to Dean



Glenda WHEELER, Executive Assistant to the Dean


  • Administrative support for Dean of Graduate Studies
  • OGS records management and distribution
  • Academic personnel, general support
  • General office assistance


Christopher MICHAELS, Publications Assistant


  • Administrative support for the Dean’s role as Vice Publications Chair for the American Physiological Society
  • General office assistance



Administrative Services Unit

Steve GARDEPIE, Director/MSO


  • Departmental administrative oversight and compliance
  • Employment and labor relations matters
  • Strategic management planning and analysis
  • Policy and process development and analysis
  • Department safety coordination and emergency preparedness
  • Department approval authority
  • Benefits advisor
  • Space and housing management



Indra PEREZ, Assistant Director


  • Unit's daily operations lead
  • Departmental fiscal analysis and reporting
  • Human resources/personnel administration
  • Contracts and Grants departmental administration
  • Program implementation/special project analysis
  • Facility and equipment administration
  • Backup to Director/MSO



Jacqueline RIZO, HR Personnel/Facilities Assistant


  • Staff and student personnel support
  • Departmental accounting and financial support
  • Departmental facility and safety contact
  • Backup for staff and student payroll and timekeeping


Sylvia VIVAS, Graduate Studies Receptionist 


  • Main OGS receptionist
  • Informational resource on OGS services
  • Informational resource on general UCSD information
  • Mail distribution and sorting
  • Primary contact for staff/student payroll/timekeeping



Graduate Academic Affairs

Mary Lillis ALLEN, Director


Academic affairs policies and procedures including:

  • Academic planning and advising
  • Enrollment
  • Graduate Council (including time limit extension requests)
  • Graduate program reviews
  • New degree programs
  • Registration matters
  • Commencement: student participation


Norienne SAIGN, Assistant Director


Matters including:

  • Academic probation and progress
  • Time to the doctorate policy
  • Annual/Spring student evaluations
  • OGS Communications and Public Relations Coordinator
  • Academic personnel: management, review, and analysis of all non-sentate personnel actions for the Rady School of Management and IR/PS



Michelle CARLSON, Graduate Academic Affairs Adviser


Academic Masters degree (MA, MS & MFA) matters including:

  • Degree checks and final reports for Masters Plans I, II, and III
  • Final degree checks and conferral for Ph.D. programs R-Z
  • General petitions
  • Grades, enrollment and registration matters
  • Leaves of absence and/or withdrawals
  • Half-time study
  • Readmission
  • Dept. and Grad. Pro. Contact list & Grad Coords and Grad Chair List Serves
  • Secondary adviser pertaining to both doctoral and professional degrees


Sara HOGUE, Graduate Academic Affairs Adviser/ Academic Personnel Administrator


Professional degree (AuD, DMA, EdD, MAS, MBA, MEd, MEng, MIA & MPIA) and Joint Doctoral Program matters including:

  • Final degree checks and conferral for professional degrees & joint doctoral programs
  • General petitions
  • Grades, enrollment and registration matters
  • Leaves of absence and/or withdrawals
  • Half-time study
  • Readmission
  • Secondary adviser pertaining to both doctoral and masters degrees
  • Academic personnel: management, review, and analysis of all senate personnel actions for the Rady School of Management and IR/PS



Jennifer KIM, Graduate Academic Affairs Adviser/ Intercampus Exchange Program Coordinator


Ph.D. degree matters including:

  • Final degree checks and conferral for Ph.D. programs A-P
  • General petitions
  • Grades, enrollment and registration matters
  • Leaves of absence and/or withdrawals
  • Half-time study
  • Readmission
  • Secondary adviser pertaining to masters degrees
  • Intercampus Exchange Program


Susan VAN DUREN, Academic Affairs Assistant


  • General Academic Affairs assistance
  • Doctoral committees
  • Qualifying examinations and advancements
  • Program Review assistance
  • Travel arrangements for Academic Affairs Unit
  • Distribution of all graduate forms
  • Culling of Student Files
  • University Extension Vouchers



Michael WEINFELD, Institutional Research Officer


  • Graduate education, research data, analytical studies, and postdoctoral placement
  • Management of Databooks on campus graduate education
  • Data collection for graduate program reviews
  • Provide statistical data for campus, Systemwide and national entities


Erin ESPALDON, Institutional Research Assistant


  • Analytical assistance and research support in graduate education
  • Retrieval, analysis and presentation of student information
  • Analytical support related to program reviews and student surveys



Student Affairs and Admissions

April BJORNSEN, Assistant Dean


Student Affairs including:

  • Diversity programs
  • Due process, grievances
  • Collective bargaining
  • Outreach and Recruitment
  • Retention and student services workshops, graduate student events
  • Student conduct
  • Student health insurance
  • Graduate student housing development
  • Winter meetings, Commencement, Open House, New Grad Orientation
  • Oversight of unit responsibilities

Programs including: NIH Scholars, San Diego Fellowship, Cota Robles, Dissertation Year Fellowship, Name Exchange, Diversity Forum, UC LEADS



Taneshia HIGGINS, Program Administrator


  • Housing Programs – SHORE, Summer, Housing Advisory Committe
  • Winter Meetings coordination
  • Student Affairs budget monitoring and financial processing
  • Programmatic support for: UC LEADS, STARS Summer Program, GEM Fellows, and National Physical Sciences Fellows
  • Supervise student assistants
  • Student Tracking Co-coordination

Christopher MURPHY, Diversity Outreach, Recruitment, and Retention


  • Outreach and Recruitment coordinator
  • UC LEADS Coordinator
  • Graduate and Prospective Student Advising
  • Student Retention Activities
  • Workshop Development
  • Graduate Women's Programming
  • Sexual Harassment Information Advisor
  • Outreach Name List Coordinator

Programs including: Graduate Diversity Coordinators, Diversity Outreach Collaboration, Diversity Outreach Project, Grad Programming Council, Diversity Outreach Working Group, SAAC, SPACES, IDEA Student Center, National Name Exchange, GSA Liaison, California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education, GEM



Vacant, Student Affairs Officer: Diversity Outreach, Recruitment and Retention


Student Affairs and diversity programs including:

  • Graduate and prospective student advising
  • Outreach and Recruitment activities
  • Student retention activities
  • Workshop development
  • Liaison with Graduate Student Association
  • Partnership development
  • STARS summer research program director
  • Student tracking coordination
  • Graduate Programming Council, Coordinator
    Programs including: STARS, Project 1000, Institute for Recruitment of Teachers (IRT), National Physical Sciences Fellowships, Spellman and Morehouse Exchange Program 


Erin DICKERSON,, Graduate Admissions Supervisor


  • Direct the campus-wide annual graduate admissions application cycle
  • Oversee the implementation of graduate admissions policies and procedures
  • Unit specialist with international applicant credential evaluation
  • OGS primary contact for Graduate Studies Commencement Ceremony
  • Oversight of Graduate Admissions Staff


Rossana DURMIENDO, Graduate Admissions Evaluator


  • Grad Admissions Application Processing
  • International Applicant Processing
  • Visa processing
  • Admissions publications review
  • Application system review



Gina SOLOMKO, Graduate Admissions Evaluator


  • Grad Admissions Processor
  • International Applicant Processing
  • Visa processing
  • Admissions publications review
  • Application system review



Rose MARINE, Graduate Admissions Assistant


  • Grad Admissions Processor
  • International Applicant Processing
  • Visa processing
  • Admissions publications review
  • Application system review



Vacant, Graduate Admissions Administrative Assistant


  • Primary contact for Graduate Admission Information
  • Maintain student files
  • Contact for corrections or changes to online graduate application
  • Contact for application fees and application fee waivers



Haydee SMITH, Grad Intern


  • Work with campus administrators and OGS administration
  • Develop programs and activities for graduate students
  • Improve the campus environment for graduate students



Jahmese FORT, Community Intern


  • Work with community center directors and OGS administration
  • Develop programs and activities for graduate students
  • Improve the campus environment for graduate students



Graduate Student Financial Support

Kathryn MURPHY, Director


Merit-based financial support and academic appointment policies and procedures including:

  • Oversight of unit responsibilities
  • Pre- and post-award administration
  • Long-term financial support planning and analysis
  • Financial support advising
  • Need-based financial aid liaison



Tanya REESE, Graduate Fellowship Supervisor


  • NSF administration
  • HHMI administration
  • Stipend payments for graduate awards
  • Traineeships
  • Tuition and fee payments



Rebecca (Becky) BURROLA, Sr. Graduate Employment Coordinator


  • Student academic employment appointments (A-L)
  • GSR tuition and fee remission
  • Federal tax information for graduate students, including 1098-T's
  • Academic appointment policies and policy exceptions
  • Financial support eligibility
  • Exception letter – non-student Tutor and Reader employment



Linda VONG, Graduate Employment Coordinator


  • Student academic employment appointments (M-Z)
  • TA loan and fee deferment program
  • TA health insurance fee payments and refunds
  • TA fee remission payments and refunds
  • Exceptions letters – greater-than-50% employment



Zoe ZILIAK MICHEL, Graduate Fellowship Advisor


  • Extramural fellowship advising
  • Sponsoring agency liaison
  • Merit-based financial support workshops and outreach programs



Maureen MCCORMACK, Graduate Fellowship Coordinator


  • Foreign and outside agency (third-party) billing
  • Stipend payments for graduate awards
  • Tuition and fee payments
  • Traineeships



Ha TRUONG, Financial Support Assistant


  • Unit clerical support assistance
  • Financial and employment data input
  • Employment actions – review for compliance
  • Leave of Absence/Withdrawals/Part-Time petitions for financial support
  • Off-campus study (In-Absentia) Waiver



Information Systems

Cynthia (Linh) VU, Director


  • Oversight of all unit responsibilities
  • Data Steward, Graduate Information on mainframe systems
  • Departmental Security Administrator for IFIS/IFIS/SAM/PPS/SQLDSE/Darwin
  • Liaison for mainframe and campus computing systems
  • Computing equipment and software acquisition and installation



Tommy DUONG, Programmer/Analyst


  • Lead Programmer
  • Database Administration, Security, and Development
  • Project Leadership
  • Systems and Applications Architect
  • Consulting and Training
  • Publications Manager
  • Web Master





Hong NGUYEN, Programmer/Analyst


  • Applications Development
  • Production Support
  • Operational Support
  • User Support




Brian VO, Programmer/Analyst


  • Applications Development
  • Production Support
  • Operational Support
  • User Support




Vacant, Programmer/Analyst


  • Technical and programming services for staff
  • User access for all systems except IFIS/ISIS/SAM/PPS
  • Administrator of OGS servers and Intraweb
  • Administrator of OGS servers and Intraweb
  • Systems security



Center for Teaching Development (307-309 Center Hall

Steve CASSEDY, 50% Interim Director


  • Overall administrative oversight of CTD
  • CTD Strategic growth, service to graduate students and faculty, application of instructional technology and distance learning
  • Primary CTD liaison and public relations representative
  • Principal advisor to the dean and campus departments on CTD matters, pedagogical training and assessment design
  • System for training campus TAs, Teaching Fellows, and aspiring academicians
  • Formulation of policies and procedures and statistical data


Peter NEWBURY, Associate Director


  • Management of CTD’s daily operation
  • Oversee of the CTD budget
  • Design, implement, and manage pedagogical training programs, CTD workshops, seminars, and activities
  • Application of instructional technology teaching techniques
  • Outreach action plans development and implementation
  • Course instruction, observation, evaluation, and consultation

307 Ctr Hall



Martha STACKLIN, Coordinator


Facilitates instructional courses including:

  • Language proficiency screening.
  • ESL for international teaching assistants
  • Public speaking

307 Ctr Hall


Wesley KOSEKI, 50% Program Assistant


  • Administrative and technical office support
  • TA training activity databases and listservs
  • CTD Office accounting and reporting
  • Staff and student personnel, payroll/timekeeping

307 Ctr Hall